Royal Corporation combines world class service, proven chemical solutions, and a national network of highly skilled technicians to support all of your ware wash and laundry needs.


In collaboration with our customers we help achieve the highest caliber of sanitary results while ensuring optimal value. Royal installs and maintains state-of-the-art dispensing systems which control usage, helping our customers meet their efficiency goals.


Proper cleaning and sanitation is always a priority for businesses that directly serve the public and is critical to success in the Food Service, Hospitality, and Healthcare industries. Royal specializes in building customized chemical programs because providing a clean and safe environment leads to returning customers and business growth. We carry a full line of environmentally safe chemical products and can help support all of your ‘Green’ business practices. Royal provides comprehensive training for Management and Employees to ensure the safe and proper use of chemicals – reinforced through an extensive customized training library.


Food Service

Providing a positive experience with clean flatware, sparkling glasses, and sanitary dishes creates satisfied customers and builds your reputation. Royal provides a full program of chemical products to insure excellent results and services to maintain compliance with Health code requirements.

Specialty Market

Through extensive testing and cooperation with market leaders Royal has developed the right products and methodology to emerge as the premier source for washing 3D glasses for theaters – insuring proper sanitation to provide the ultimate experience for customer satisfaction.


Royal offers consultation, expert service, and installation of commercial dishwashers. Our staff will help you find the right equipment to meet the needs of your kitchen, concessions, or bar area. Royal provides regular maintenance to insure efficient operation and repairs to extend equipment life.



Hotel guests expect quality linen that is both clean and soft. Hotel operators demand value and great service. Royal customizes your laundry program to meet all of these needs. We focus on the entire laundry process – collection, sorting, loading, wash formulas, and drying. We train your staff on proper procedures and the safe handling chemicals. This holistic approach reduces linen replacement costs, helps to save water and energy, and allows the most efficient use of labor hours. The result is linen that exceeds the expectation of your guests and lower overall operating costs. Royal delivers all of this while providing prompt and professional service.

Health Care

Sanitation, Cross contamination, and meeting State standards – Royal incorporates these critical areas of focus in to our laundry program for Hospitals, Rehabilitation, or Long Term Care facilities. Specialized chemistry and testing is also utilized to maintain a proper pH balance in linens to reduce skin reactions for elderly or bed ridden patients.