Today’s grocery Supermarkets have put the meaning of super in actuality, with their mission to meet the needs of all living generations, they have expanded their offerings into, bakeries, fresh fish and elaborate meat departments, hot food of many varieties, and ready healthy meals for the people on the go. All these additional areas require a high level of expertise and high standards that can exceed the expectation of its patrons in hygiene, proper sanitization, and befitting products and packaging.

As these food establishments expanded and raised their level of offering, it is natural that their suppliers evolve their business model and capabilities to be a viable contributing source of solutions, training, and execution to be a true asset in the partnership chain.

In meeting these objectives, Royal provides:

  • Comprehensive in house training verification tools to assist in your compliance program and maximize the effectiveness from cleaning and maintenance to creative packaging.
  • Extensive training, on site, to videos and customized illustrations and tablet apps, including OSHA, GHS, etc..
  • Full technician support and reporting of our systems.

Royal is a turnkey partner and a true single source with focus and single contact yet with an expanded team that interfaces with all your departments and links the needed process to create a uniform and simple practice.