Mall management, and their cleaning contractors, face a special challenge due to the large volume of traffic that visit each property on a daily basis. Adding to that challenge is the limited windows of time to cover the vast and surface areas with various types of flooring and vertical materials.

Royal Corporation’s extensive experience in this Retail Shopping Mall Industry gives us the expertise to provide you with: Support, Solutions, and Consulting to insure that all facets of maintaining the facility are covered thoroughly and completely.

A sample of what we provide for our malls and large shopping centers:

  • Complete chemical dilution systems providing the right mix of cleaning products for the size and scope of cleaning needed (from Spray Bottles to Ride on Scrubbers).
  • Odor and disinfecting control systems for not only the restrooms but for the large dumpster dock areas and offices.
  • Cost saving tissue and hand towel systems for large volume restrooms.
  • Economical Mopping systems designed for large areas.
  • Safety materials such as: Wet floor cones/barriers, restroom closed signs as well as a full line other safety items used by employees for their protection.
  • Training programs on the operation and use of all products along with instruction on safety procedures and guidelines.

Facilities that are not maintained properly will actually see a decline in customers that visit the property. A center that is clean and welcoming will create an environment that will attract customers to not only visit while making a purchase, but it will help insure that their guests utilize all of the other services that the center has to offer.