The movie theater culture has been interwoven within the fabric of American society, with films that ignite your imagination and engage your emotions in a unique entertainment venue that heightens the experience and bring people of walks of life to a unison experience. Most all of the national, regional, and local theatre circuits that we see today, had engendered as family run businesses driven by passion for movies and a strong commitment to bring the world of entertainment to its local patrons.

This same passion has impelled the theatre business to germinate in every aspect, from the digital projection, immersive digital sound formats, 3D, distinctive state of the art Premium Large Format screens, stadium auditoriums, recliner luxury seating to various amenities and expanded eateries and concession. One thing remains consistent, is the passion to bring its audience a world class experience. This milieu needs to encompass, safety, clean hygienic and comfortable environment.

In 2015, nearly four million patrons per day go to theatres looking for an exceptional experience raising the bar for all purveyors to the theatre industry to be experts in their field and students of the theatre culture. Royal has had that privileged opportunity for the last 30 years of being a preferred partner for vast segment of theatres nationwide in supplying more than 50% of the top circuits and significant percentage of the regional, local independents.

This standing had allowed our teams to engage and interface at all levels and paved the path of listening, learning and collaborating. Consequently, we at Royal in synergy with our theatre partners have developed numerous programs and customization mechanism with simplicity of execution and cost effective solutions in areas of:

  • Facilities: comprehensive cleaning program and sustainability. Illustrative training on site, tablet app, covering OSHA, Health Dept., GSA, Workman comp, slip and fall
  • Food service and specialty packaging, including smart, unique and green packaging.
  • Concessions, candy and some unique expanded offering concepts.
  • Ware washing: equipment, installations, maintenance and full systems.

This includes a national wide coverage of distribution and technical support through our distribution centers in West, East , Midwest and Southeast augmented by our member/owner SMA (Strategic Market Alliance) of over two hundred centers nationwide.

When the stakes and bar are set high, having best prices, best value and best service is given but having the right business partners that knows and understand you and your needs, is priceless!